Their Last First Kiss

She awoke as a golden kiss of sunlight tickled the nape of her neck. She flopped over onto her back and swept the bed hair away from her face with the back of her hand. Her eyes were still closed and she scrunched her face up, making her nose wrinkle in that cute way he …

Videos of me singing and playing the ukulele.

I’m no pro, but playing the ukulele is fun and making up songs is a good release for my creativity when I’m not in the mood to write.

Here’s two songs I made up and recorded myself singing and playing (or you can watch on Youtube here). Enjoy!

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I have a new website. Join me there :)

I have a new website over at I will no longer be updating this blog so if you’d like to continue  following my stories, photos, art, thoughts, please go here and subscribe for the weekly newsletters. Hope you like the new look! Let me know what you think please. Lawrence x

Author foreword for Need Love

Here is the foreword from my forthcoming collection of short stories and flash fiction titled Need Love, released this week. ‘This is a book about love. The kind where the bite is bigger than the bark, where scars sting and hearts swell and throb with a vicious red pulse every time you stare into each …

Pieces of Me #7: Drink Up!

Today I opened the door to a French mailman with a parcel in his hands. Inside the parcel I found a gorgeous 21 year old bottle of scotch whiskey and a note which read: ‘Dear Lawrence, Thank you for all your hard work! Enjoy! Love, Simon, Matt and Katia’ The three generous hearts are Simon …

Need Love – Book Cover

I have teamed up with Martin Blanco again for my forthcoming book Need Love. His intriguing and captivating artwork will be used for the book cover of both the Kindle and the paperback versions. Need Love is a collection of 50 short stories exploring caged love, violent desire and beautiful heartbreak. Please check out Martin’s …

Pieces of Me #6: New Beginnings

June so far for me has been a time of endings and beginnings and a reason to reflect on my life as it was, as it is and how I want it to be. Yesterday was my birthday, I am now 33. It was the end of my 33rd year and the beginning of my …

Pieces of Me #4: Kickstarter Poll

‘I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.’ – Mike Tyson I am daring to believe again, in myself. In the value of my art. In the goodness of sharing; sharing my ideas, hopes, goals and the rest …


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